Bingo with Flashboard and Caller
Bingo with Flashboard and Caller Bingo with Flashboard and Caller Bingo with Flashboard and Caller Bingo with Flashboard and Caller

Bingo with Flashboard and Caller


per hour


for 2 hours


for 3 hours


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for 6 hours


for 8 hours


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for 2 days


for 3 days

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

Space Needed:

Product Information:

Includes cards, chips, laptop with Bingo software, and Bingo caller. **up to 200 Bingo cards**


  • 10in Speaker - Active10in Speaker - Active10" Speaker & Horn (Active) 200 Watt
  • Stand - Speaker (Single)Stand - Speaker (Single)Speaker Stand - black tripod
  • Scrim - Speaker StandScrim - Speaker Stand
  • 12in Speaker - Active12in Speaker - Active12" Speaker & Horn (Active) 400 Watt
  • A/V Technician (Event)A/V Technician (Event)Event Technician per hour
  • 3 Gaff Tape3" Gaff Tape
  • Basic MicrophoneBasic Microphone

    Basic Microphone. Includes on/off switch.

  • Stand - MicrophoneStand - MicrophoneMicrophone Stand
  • Vocal MicrophoneVocal MicrophoneSM58 Vocal Microphone
  • Wireless Microphone (pro)Wireless Microphone (pro)UHF Handheld Wireless Microphone
  • Wireless Microphone BasicWireless Microphone BasicSingle Channel Basic (Handheld or Lapel)
  • 47in LED TV Screen47in LED TV Screen47" LED TV Screen 1080P with tabletop stand
  • 39in TV Truss Stand 1M39in TV Truss Stand 1M39" 1M Flat Screen TV Stand
  • 72in Dual Chrome Pole TV Stand72in Dual Chrome Pole TV Stand72" 2M Flat Screen TV Stand
  • 78in TV Truss Stand 2M78in TV Truss Stand 2M

    78" 2M Flat Screen TV Stand *LED uplight not included

  • Amp StandAmp Stand
  • Setup & takedown - TV ScreenSetup & takedown - TV Screen
  • Truss ShelfTruss Shelf15x12" Wide truss shelf
  • 4ft Banquet Table4ft Banquet Table4' Banquet Table (seats up to 6)
  • 60 in x 102in Linen60 in x 102in Linen

    60 in x 102 in banquet linen (Extra cleaning charges due to stains, wax, etc. or replacement cost if damaged may apply to linen rentals.)

  • Setup & takedown - TablesSetup & takedown - Tables
  • 6' x 8' Front/Rear Projection Screen*6' x 8' Front/Rear Projection Screen*6' x 8' Front/Rear Screen w/Black Skirt (10' Viewable)..* Setup & Takedown by RMR, No Pickups, Delivery May Apply
  • Projector 2000 LumensProjector 2000 Lumens2000 Lumen Projector (standard throw)
  • HDMI Cable 50HDMI Cable 50'HDMI Cable 50'
  • HDMI Video SplitterHDMI Video SplitterHDMI Video Splitter
  • iPadiPad
  • Projector Stand Adjustable HeightProjector Stand Adjustable Height

    Projector Stand: adjustable height and removable legs for ease of transport

  • Setup and/or Cleanup - per hourSetup and/or Cleanup - per hour
  • Projector 3200 Lumen Short ThrowProjector 3200 Lumen Short ThrowProjector 3200 Lumens
  • 30in x 40in Tabletop Screen30in x 40in Tabletop Screen30" x 40" Tabletop Screen (50" Viewable)
  • 9x12ft Front/Rear Screen9x12ft Front/Rear Screen9' x 12' Front/Rear Screen w/Black Skirt (15' Viewable)
  • Live Photo Streaming with TechnicianLive Photo Streaming with TechnicianPhoto Streaming to a TV or big screen via text messaging includes Technician to monitor incoming photos and texts.
  • Stretch Screen 6x8 *truss not includedStretch Screen 6x8 *truss not includedStretch Screen for lighting or video. Stretches up to 8ft wide & up to 6ft Tall. Front or rear projection
  • Video Technician (Event)Video Technician (Event)
  • 60in LED TV Screen60in LED TV Screen60" LED TV Screen 1080P
  • A/V Technician (Hourly)A/V Technician (Hourly)A trained Audio Visual (A/V) technician for your event, per hour rate.
  • Headset Microphone (pro)Headset Microphone (pro)Wireless Lapel Microphone

Product Reviews:

  • 12/16/16Kristithe caller went a little fast, and was sometimes hard to hear with all the other noise in the room

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