Boise Green Screen Event Photography

Getting a Green Screen Photo Are you looking to make your next event memorable for years to come? Set up a green sceen photo shoot. Our Green Screen Photos allow your party to take place anywhere! Want to take a few shots on the beach? Explore the wonders of the world? The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Photo Setup

Rocky Mountain Roll's Green Screen Photo setup can accommodate large group shots or single portraits. We can even customize your photo with logos, dates, or wording. The photos are printed right there at the time and digital copies can be provided.

Green Screen Photos for Events

Green Screen photos are perfect for corporate parties, birthdays, holiday events, or even weddings! Increase the reach of your brand with creative backgrounds that are sure to be shared with potential clients. Increase the fun of school parties, dances, and even theme parties with inspired, fun backgrounds that accent your theme. Call us today to learn more about green screen photography.