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Press Release: New Sales Manager

Rocky Mountain Roll is proud to announce the addition of Arlin Hayes to their team, filling the position of Sales Manager. 

Vendor Spotlight: Flamingos 2 Go Boise

Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate an event? Birthdays, new baby, homecomings, new house, or any other events are a great time to contact Flamingos 2 Go Boise!

Team Building Activities that don't SUCK!

Chances are that you’ve attended or at least seen those cheesy team building activities done in so many work places to build relationships—trust falls, egg tosses, retreats, get-to-know-you games, etc.  The goal is good, a team that works well together is more productive, successful, and effective.  The trick is to eliminate the eye rolling, complaining, and escape tactics when it comes time for your company to plan their next activity. Aim for things that make you smile, laugh, and communicate with others.

Vendor Spotlight: Corbin Maxey

Experience the wonder, the excitement, and the thrill of one of the most extraordinary, interactive wildlife shows in the country! Hosted by nationally known wildlife expert Corbin Maxey, audiences will be awe-struck in the presence of some of the most unique, rare and incredible creatures on earth!

Wedding Planning

Are you planning a wedding in the next year or so? If you've just gotten engaged, or are already in planning mode, you might feel the mounting stress of tackling all of those details. 

Vendor Spotlight: Adam Gottesman

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, vocalist Adam Gottesman brings a smooth style to any event—wedding receptions, company parties, birthdays, or any other special occasion.

So, you're in charge of the Graduation party. Now what?

The very idea is overwhelming when you think about the sheer number of students, the catering, the entertainment…  But don’t panic! Here are some tips to get you started on your way to a HUGELY successful night that everyone will be talking about for years to come.

Indoor Fun While the Weather Is Bad

Winter can put a damper on ideas of parties and celebrations. We press our noses to the cold glass, longingly wishing for warmer days when we can be outside enjoying the sun and warmth, instead of buried in snow and ice. But don’t let the winter blah’s get you down. There is plenty of fun to be had indoors while we wait for Spring and the promise of warmer weather.

Tips for De-Stressing the Holiday Season

We all love the holiday season, but with it comes hustle and bustle, the stress can pile on until we find ourselves no longer enjoying anything. In fact, we may even come to dread anything clad in red and green and wrapped with a bow. To avoid burning out before New Year's, here are a few tips:

Not All Rental Chairs Are Created Equal

We’ve all gone to events where there are rental chairs available for us to perch our behinds on for hours at a time—formal dinners, outdoor weddings, concerts, etc. After about twenty minutes, though, you can certainly tell the different types of chairs apart.