Vendor Spotlight: Corbin Maxey

12:43 PM on Monday, Jun 26th, 2017
Vendor Spotlight: Corbin Maxey

Experience the wonder, the excitement, and the thrill of one of the most extraordinary, interactive wildlife shows in the country! Hosted by nationally known wildlife expert Corbin Maxey, audiences will be awe-struck in the presence of some of the most unique, rare and incredible creatures on earth!

Most recognized from his regular appearances on The Today Show, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Inside Edition, The Tonight Show and The Martha Stewart Show, Corbin Maxey has been entertaining live audiences around the country for over a decade.

Born and raised in mountains of southern Idaho, Corbin developed a unique passion for animals at an early age catching frogs, snakes, lizards, toads, salamanders, and even owning his first pet lizard named “Booger”!

At the early age of 12, Corbin founded a local reptile rescue taking in abandoned pythons, boas, iguanas, tortoises, and even alligators! To this day, Corbin has found homes for hundreds of abused and neglected animals.

During his wildly entertaining stage show, Corbin introduces audiences to some of his most famous residents including “Shere Khan” the 13 ft Albino Python, “Tinkerbelle” the 85 lb Tortoise, “Godzilla” the feisty 4 ft. Green Iguana and “Happy” the 75 lb Alligator Snapping Turtle- to name a few!

Along with his exciting and interactive show, Corbin brings select animals out for hands-on opportunities with guests. How about touching a python? Or feeding Tinkerbelle a strawberry?

His show comes complete with a lush, custom 12 X 12 rainforest backdrop perfect for pictures with guests and the animals and a sound system if necessary.

As always, his appearances are 100% licensed and insured.

We encourage you to check out to learn more about Corbin, watch his most recent appearances on The Today Show, or simply browse his entertaining blog, chronicling his fun adventures with animals.