Tips for De-Stressing the Holiday Season

12:37 PM on Monday, Nov 7th, 2016
Tips for De-Stressing the Holiday Season
We all love the holiday season, but with it comes hustle and bustle, the stress can pile on until we find ourselves no longer enjoying anything. In fact, we may even come to dread anything clad in red and green and wrapped with a bow. To avoid burning out before New Year's, here are a few tips:
  1. Learn to say no.  Which events are must-do, and which are less important? Prioritizing your holiday calendar can help you find more time to spend with the people who matter most to you, and releasing you from obligations you’d rather not deal with.
  2. Plan your party before, or even after the busy rush of the holiday season.  Work parties can be held in November or January to ease the pressure of fitting one more event onto an already packed calendar.  Some venues and entertainment services may even offer incentives for this “off peak” booking because it makes their lives much easier, too.
  3. Block out time in your calendar to take a break. Relax and enjoy the season. You may find that you can get more things accomplished when you’re relaxed and refocused.
  4. If you’re in charge of organizing a large work function, look for an entertainment company that can help you plan and shoulder some of the weight.  There is often no need to use a dozen different companies when one may be found who can take care of most of your needs.  All it takes is a few questions to the company you plan to hire to find out what they can offer.
  5. Keep detailed lists of what you need to get done. This will help you prioritize and cut things out when you need a little more balance.
  6. Take care of yourself.  Fatigue can take the fun out of a busy holiday season.  Make sure to recharge your body with adequate sleep, exercise, and food that is healthy for you.  This way you’ll feel better about indulging a little here and there with all the available treats.
  7. Sometimes you just have to laugh. Stress can zap your enjoyment, but try to keep a positive attitude and look for the fun in every situation.