Tips For Beating The Summer Heat

11:45 AM on Wednesday, Jun 20th, 2018
Tips For Beating The Summer Heat

The sweltering summer heat is on the way in just a few short weeks.  No matter how long you’ve lived in the Treasure Valley, those 100+ degree days are always shocking and often miserable to get through. 

Staying inside is always an option, huddling next to the air conditioner and consuming ice and popsicles.  But that’s hard on the kids who want nothing more than to be outside playing during their summer vacation from school.  And it’s also hard to plan a summer party or picnic around the heat of July and August. 

Let Rocky Mountain Roll help!  We have a great selection of water slides, water games, dunk tanks, misting tents, and even misting fans to help keep you cool while still maximizing fun.

Our Summer Splash Slide and Wild Splash, an inflatable slip and slide, hook right up to the hose in your backyard for hours of splashing, sliding fun.  Kids just can’t get enough, and adults have just as much fun racing down the wet surfaces and making family memories along the way.

We have some great water games that are refreshing and fun at the same time.  Water balloon volleyball is always a hit.  It’s great for team-building exercises and family-togetherness at company parties, church picnics, birthday parties, family reunions, or neighborhood barbecues.

Our leaky bucket races are a great competitive way to cool down while still winning the day.  Race back and forth to fill your target bucket but beware that your carrying bucket is meant to leak, so you must be fast to win the game.  This relay is great for family fun and team building.

And don’t forget our misting tents and fans, meant to cool down your guests by providing a cooling mist that refreshes and invigorates.

Don’t let the summer heat deflate your party.  Keep it cool by calling Rocky Mountain Roll!