Team Building Activities that don't SUCK!

11:09 AM on Wednesday, Jul 19th, 2017
Team Building Activities that don't SUCK!

Chances are that you’ve attended or at least seen those cheesy team building activities done in so many work places to build relationships—trust falls, egg tosses, retreats, get-to-know-you games, etc.  The goal is good, a team that works well together is more productive, successful, and effective.  The trick is to eliminate the eye rolling, complaining, and escape tactics when it comes time for your company to plan their next activity. Aim for things that make you smile, laugh, and communicate with others.

Game Show—This is a great way to get larger groups of people involved in a game show, answering questions and having fun.  Questions can be customized to fit your company, or any specific theme, and a variety of games are offered to keep things fun and exciting.  Our game show host is interactive, including people while having a great time.

Sports games—Sports is a great base to light a competitive fire under employees and teams. Plan an Olympic competition between teams where they can gain medals or points toward a reward. Rocky Mountain Roll offers many different types of sports themed activities—tug-o-war rope, basketball 1-on-1, quarterback challenge, putting challenge, ball speed check, and triple play sports inflatable.

Summer Splash games—When it’s hot outside, team activities may seem like the last thing you want to participate in, but add a little water and you may just have a splash hit on your hands.  We offer a wide variety of water-involved games, inflatables, and activities to help bring the cool to summer fun. Our Wild Splash is a 30-foot-long inflatable slip and slide, perfect for a run and glide end to any activity.  Our dunk tank is a great way to raise funds or dunk-the-boss when your team meets a goal.  And we have other fun games such as leaky bucket races that build team spirit and fun.       

Games galore!—Sometimes you just want to have a little relaxing fun.  Rocky Mountain Roll offers a wide selection of games that we can bring out that would put the best man-caves to shame: ping pong, shuffleboard, foosball, giant jenga, giant checkers, air hockey, and casino games.  Maybe you need a simple, chill idea to get people mingling and talking while having fun at the same time.  Set up a game time for your employees to come and go throughout the day, or a dedicated event for them to attend and play.

And don’t forget that Rocky Mountain Roll can also provide any audio/visual needs that you might have at these types of events, also—disc jockeys, PA systems, projectors & screens, televisions, etc.  Helping you succeed while having a great time in life is our main goal.