Not All Rental Chairs Are Created Equal

12:22 PM on Friday, Sep 2nd, 2016
Not All Rental Chairs Are Created Equal

We’ve all gone to events where there are rental chairs available for us to perch our behinds on for hours at a time—formal dinners, outdoor weddings, concerts, etc. After about twenty minutes, though, you can certainly tell the different types of chairs apart.

The standard rental chairs are light plastic with little cushion or contour, and generally come in either black or white.  They’re the ones you see at most events and recognize right away.

Rocky Mountain Roll, however, offers a different style of rental chair.  We have invested in a heavier duty, contoured, vented chair that is surprisingly very comfortable to sit in.  They are clean and classy for all events, and come in either black or white.  Want a unique look for a formal or whimsical event? Rent both colors and alternate for a great effect.

Call today to get a quote on renting comfortable chairs that your guests will appreciate sitting in!