Dance Instructors

10:23 AM on Wednesday, Aug 15th, 2018
Dance Instructors

Dancing can be an overwhelming idea if you feel you have two left feet.  The idea of getting out on the dance floor is daunting to some people.  We can help you there, as well.

We have worked with a large variety of dance instructors who can come out to your event before the dancing beings to give a few pointers, teach specific dances, and help you feel more comfortable once the music begins.

Nervous about that upcoming wedding reception? Worried that you won’t know how to dance when it’s time for Homecoming? Want to learn some new moves before the company party?

Whether it’s swing dancing, classic, or even line dancing, we have instructors who can teach you how to kick up your heels and dance the night away. Include dance instructors at your company party or wedding reception to teach your friends and family to have fun, too.

We’ve all seen the fun wedding videos where the bride and groom’s first dance is choregraphed, or the bride and her father have a special dance that they do.  Dance instructors can help if that’s the vision you have for your reception.

Tip: One local high school hires dance instructors to come before each large dance to teach their students appropriate and fun ways to dance with each other.  This is a great, pro-active idea to help the younger generation learn something new.